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My boyfriend recently returned  from a seven-month deployment with the royal Canadian navy. After a long day of work we met up for a much deserved beer at a Spring Garden drinking establishment . After getting settled in our booth we were approached by a waitress and asked to present our IDs when ordering drinks. Promptly we showed our IDs, me a driver’s license and him a military ID. We ran into an issues at this point, the waitress  was convinced my boyfriends military ID card was not "an official government ID" and he was denied a drink.We were both pretty put off and confused because we had never run into any issues with him using his military ID as a form of "official government ID" anywhere else. I can honestly say neither one of us is hyper pro-military, but I have respect for his job and the conditions he accepts that go with it, but we have had pretty opposing experiences to this everywhere else when he uses military ID and I feel rightly so. All that aside, we are both preeeeeetty sure that military ID is official government ID. The whole situation was a pretty bad start to our evening after a long day. —Confused Pacifist

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