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Summer's sun is almost here, and that's fantastic. I'm looking forward to getting out in the sun and enjoying it to its fullest. But sadly, I can't. As each summer passes and I get older and (hopefully) wiser one issue always rumples my feathers.  And with an election approaching, maybe now is the time to address it. Can someone please, explain why I, as a responsible adult, cannot walk down the hot, sunny street or hang out in a park on a lovely day and enjoy a beer at the same time?  Seriously, why? What's the harm? Now, I'm not talking about pounding down a bucket full and getting all stumble-bummed. I’m talking about enjoying a tasty beverage on a beautiful day.

Is the public at large so precious that they must be shielded from such things?  Are children too soft to witness responsible adults drinking responsibly in public? Are public drunkenness and underage drinking laws not enough? So I'll ask again, what's the harm?  Why treat me, and the vast majority of other reasonable adults of legal drinking age like we're going to cause the downfall of civil society? Is having a legal beer at a picnic on the commons going to inevitably lead to broken glass, broken people and vomit covered streets? Nope. Not in the slightest. So please, I beg you, let's at the very least, start a real discussion. The sunny days are almost here and this is an archaic law that has no relevance in a modern society. —A Responsible Adult


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