Marihuana: The evil drug



I've never been stoned. I don't smoke. I used to drink, but the cost to feel good, was taken away by paying 25 bucks for a bottle of booze that has $15 in taxes attached to it!

So, back to the marihuana. It's illegal right now. The debate is endless about the stuff. Is it save? What will it do to us? What about or children?? Health experts aren't sure of the ill effects of its use. Be careful who gets their hands on it.

Huh? Really? Why all the big concern about our health with this marihuana plant? THINK ABOUT THIS: The government has all these regulations and CONCERNS about our health for everything. Or do they? I can go to the liquor store and buy enough booze to kill me in two hours and nobody at the liquor store will stop me from my purchase. I can go to the car dealer and buy a vehicle that will do 300 KM/HR when, clearly, there are NO highways in Canada with that speed limit. I could kill me and a half dozen others at the same time! Ridiculous! I can buy tons of cigarettes and smoke em' til I'm dead. I can go to the casino and gamble away every cent I have (or borrow) and ruin my life and become dependant on the government. All THOSE "fun" things are "regulated" by the government. And then they have the nerve to say they're concerned about our health and marihuana?? Get real. Their concerns are about the revenue and that's understandable; they have roads to pave, hospitals to keep running, schools that are filled to capacity AND lets not forget the money they love to lend to their friends that own big corporations. —Avenger Arora


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