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You can do your homework and compare the platforms yourself. I genuinely believe that those who decide to take a leap into public office want to serve for the greater good in our province.... But somehow these human beings (reminder: politicians are daughters, mothers, fathers, sons, etc.) get abused by all of you in the process. We are legitimately horrible to each other. For the record, Nova Scotia is Guysborough. It's Sydney Mines. It's Eskasoni to Shelburne, it's Antigonish to Gulliver’s Cove and a million other coves where there are hard working beautiful people who love this province and pay taxes just like every HRM resident. Their issues and their voices rarely make the headlines. They pay the price for all the followers who listen to the negative messages of media. Forget the election for a second: everyone, please go around your neighbourhood today...Maybe walk, maybe drive, maybe take your ATV out if you're out in the country. Maybe the sun is shining, maybe it's overcast. Just look around. What the hell are you complaining about? I don’t have and any money and I'm stressed over my head but I'm not about to blame and send hate mail to a person who puts their neck out for Nova Scotians and takes all of your abuse!!!! So shut up and vote and carry on with your day. —ThinkOfYourFellowMan

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