Where are our tax dollars going?



Where is all the tax money going? We are taxed on earnings taxed on what we buy. How much interest does our tax dollars make for the country? Why are sick people waiting for tests and doctors to see them? 

There is more than enough money to hire doctors to stay in the province and work. Our government just doesn't make the priority to do it. Now the justice system, backed up for years to come innocent people in jail waiting trial. Judges making ridiculous decisions based on cave man standards. Lawyers charging $350 per hour to write a letter I can write myself but again the bureaucratic BS someone else has to pay for. Step up to the plate and clean this mess up and yes it can be done. Someone with some guts needs to make a executive decision without waiting for all the bureaucratic BS to run its course. Backwards comes instantly to mind check out TO how the big cities keep it together, you can learn something from them if you chose to do so. Stop going golfing on our dime and sit in your office and solve the problems that our city is plagued with. We are way to smart to believe anything you tell us anymore actions speak louder than words! —Get with the program Nova Scotia!

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