Failure to heal only to hurt



I know everything you did. I know you had feelings for him before your marriage ended. I know how fast you got with him after you ended us and his wife died. I know why you blocked me and cut all communication and ties so quickly, so I couldn't see what you were doing and couldn't say anything once I knew. I know why you wouldn't acknowledge me anymore, because of the guilt you'd feel knowing you did what you did.

What I never saw was it coming. I never would have believed that you were capable of behaving in such a cold, calculating manner towards not only me but the kids. I believed that you loved me, that you needed time for yourself to heal, that you didn't want another relationship or to be with anyone else. I believed in you and I was wrong. I wonder if your dreams talk to you about what you did... Do you look in the mirror and not like what's looking back at you? Out of all the choices you could have made, you chose the most destructive for everyone involved...You burned bridges and you never looked back. But your choices have put you on a dead end with destiny and having to face your feelings and actions that have caused so much pain. You've acted selfishly and hurt people that were very close to you that loved you. I'm beyond disappointed in you and the kids and I deserved much better. Shame on you...You've betrayed yourself and everything you ever said to me and yourself for everything you said you were going to do for you. —Disappointed

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