Instead of shouting at women in the street—don’t!



To the men in the red car who catcalled me on my bike while we were both stopped at a red light on Quinpool: Why?  First of all, I'm not sure what you were trying to get out of that.  Is it that you want to make your introductions to women as brief as possible to minimize the chances that they notice how horrible your personality is?  If so, you should probably find another strategy.  It wasn't rude of me to “ignore people when they are talking to me,” but it is rude of you to shout at me about my body out of the back seat window of your buddy's shitty car. I just wanted to go five minutes down the road to buy a package of pasta without feeling unsafe, but hey, I guess that is the risk of being alive and simultaneously a woman!  You did show a lot of persistence though—you supplied a tirade of unwanted comments for the entire duration of the light! —I was dressed and looked like a 13-year-old going to soccer practice

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