Deafening resto-bars



I know this comment is going to put me firmly in curmudgeon territory, but what's with the trend of eating/drinking establishments that are so loud you can't have a conversation and your ears hurt when you leave? I'm not talking about bars that host shows, where I come prepared to leave with my eyes ringing. I'm talking about your local cidery, downtown beer bar or North End hipster joint where the din of the crowd echos and amplifies off of the artfully-renovated smooth high ceilings, floors and walls, and the noise pollution is magnified by blasting music. I really want to come to your bar and drink your artisanal beverages and eat your locally-sourced small plates, I really do, but the noise is unpleasant, gives me a headache and I have to scream to talk to anyone. Pleeeease, get some more acoustic panels, tapestries,  ANYTHING to absorb the sound, and turn down the music! —I Can't Feel My Ears When I'm With You

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