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I see all the Bitches about the Oxford Theatre going down into a pile of rubble and being replaced with condos and stores.  It is a historic building in this city and is the last of its kind—majestic treasure.

If you are pissed at the developer then find out who it is and don't ever buy any of his products. If you support one of his businesses you help him to bulldoze the treasures of the city and replace them with generic condos. It all boils down to greed—the greed of the developer and the greed of our city council that wants to get their re-election funds from developers. It is the old wash my back and i will wash yours - it has been going on long before the oxford theatre was built and it will continue until it has faded from everyones memories. All you can do is protest with your wallet because that is all they understand. —Eating Elsewhere

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