Ped peeve



Date: Friday, September 8
Time: approx. 4:40pm
Location: Corner of Cogswell and Brunswick (facing south)

Green light comes on and so does the ped walky guy sign. You're taking a right hand turn to go down to Barrington northbound). You stupid jerk, couldn't wait two fucking seconds and drove out in front of me four feet away. I yell "It's a crosswalk!" and your hipster stoner boyfriend has the fucking nerve to give me the finger. How about I take that finger, break it off and shove it up your ass.

What really pisses me off are assholes like you that, when you do something ILLEGAL in a vehicle and someone calls you out on it, you're the ones giving the finger…REALLY. And what really really pisses me off, you'll do it again no doubt.

Thanks for ruining my day, King and Queen Douche of Doucheland. —Spike Hypertension

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