How to lose a guy in one day



The farts and feminism method.

Step 1:  Drink an entire bottle of cheap wine. The kind with high sulfur content.  Do not decant.
Step 2:  Invite your lover over for “Netflix and chill” approximately eight hours later.
Step 3:  By the time he arrives, the uncontrollable flatulence will have filled your apartment with a hotbox of unbearable rotten egg stank that no amount of air freshener or open windows could possibly clear.
Step 4:  Proceed to discuss an article you read about feminism.  Be sure to bring up the wage gap at least a couple of times!
Step 5:  Watch him struggle to come up with a reason he has to leave as he scrambles to the door, boner killed, never to be heard from again. —Oopsy

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