Oldies, not goodies



Is it just me or are the prices in thrift stores getting ridonkulous? I looked at a faded cotton maxi dress—38 bucks! It's not even in season!  A fall jacket with fake fur trim—35 dollars.  A purse with a broken zipper, scratched hardware and dirty lining: 10 dollars, not even that great of a brand name.  I asked the snotty sales girl to drop the price but she said no! They'd rather put that stuff back on the shelves to sit there and collect dust than give you break on the price.  These "thrift" shops even have the nerve to operate under the guise of charity, when in actual fact, they are greedy corporations. Their products are all donated, making their costs zero and making their profit 100 percent. There is no need to gouge their customers who are low income people—the very people they claim to be helping.  I could buy this shit from Walmart brand new for much less. I am done! I will never shop at your stores again and I will sooner set my shit on fire than ever donate anything to your "thrift" stores. —Doing All My Future Thrifting Out Of Town

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