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As you paid for your beers, you told me that you tipped me 18 percent because I looked 18 years old, and proceeded to discuss with your pal whether or not that sort of line worked. Here are some thoughts I have that I wish I could have shared with you in the moment beyond "that's super gross":

1. I didn't serve you at all last night. I took your payment because the bartender was busy pouring drinks. You were tipping for their thoughtful service, not mine.
2. Loudly stating your tip percentage is a sucky thing to do.
3. Comparing what you think my age could be to a suitable tip is super messed up. and, to inform you, I am 30 years old, and if we are to live by your lack of logic, the tip should have been 30 percent.
4. Trying to tie in what you think might be a compliment (it's not, it's yucky) with financial control made me feel very uncomfortable at my safe space at work. Also, I was working. As in providing a service so
that I can finance my needs. I don't know what you do for work, but I'm certain you wouldn't be jazzed to be belittled by a stranger mid-day.
5. Chatting over my appearance with your bud while I am literally standing one foot away from you as if I am not even there made me feel small.

If you know who you are, if you can remember, I’d like you to
know that you're still welcome to visit the establishment. However, I'd like you to visit knowing that your commentary had a detrimental effect on my night, and I'd like you to not speak that way to me (or any of my warm, wonderful fellow service workers) again. Learn from being shitty, please. Please do better. –Tired, Tired, Tired

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