Is it really necessary?



You come in to my store to shop. Why in the hell do you need to destroy shit? You rip the package open just to get a look at the item, even though there is one on display right at eye level. Then, IF you decide to put it back in the box, you jam it in without even trying to see why it won't fit properly or you just leave it lying all over the shelf...or the floor. Or, if you decide to buy it, you actually have the balls to ask for a discount because the box is a wreck! "It's a gift." Bullshit!

I understand that there is too much packaging in some cases. I also understand your need to see and feel something before you buy it. But for Christ's sake, people, do you need to leave damage of hurricane proportions in your wake? Damn...I'd hate to see what your house looks like! —Just A Lowly Store Clerk

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