Quit yackin' and MOVE!



Self checkout never works. I don't get paid to work at a grocery store, why must I check my own groceries?  Half the time they only accept debit, not cash, so you finally get it all checked thru only to find out you've wasted your time. You don't pay me to work here, so stop expecting your customers to do what you should HIRE people to do.  and Please for the love of God, Stop hiring senior citizens as check out clerks.  They move like slow molasses running uphill.  And all they wanna do is TALK TALK TALK to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the line. Put a fire under your arse and get poppin'!  Waiting 15 minutes in a checkout line because all you have on cash are two old fogeys who got all the time in the world to yak!  Very annoying. You should have all the checkout lines FILLED with clerks who can do the job efficiently.  Move the seniors to the flower counter or the entrance to work as a greeter, because they are too slow for cash! Get with it, or move on! —Retire Already You Old Coot

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