Please, no more turd museums



Hey dog walkers: The point behind doggy bags is that they give you a sanitary way to move your dog's shit from point A, the ground, to point B, which is a fucking trash can. You are skipping a crucial step if you bag it up and just leave it on the ground. This goes double if you're walking in the woods, a place where all kinds of other varmints are taking unbagged dumps on a regular basis. In that case you can kindly just take a stick and flick it off the trail so I don't put my boot in it. If you're a die-hard turd bagger and you just have to do it, fucking take it with you and throw it out, don't wrap it in neon plastic and then just artfully display it in a tree fork. At that point you're pretty much just playing with poop. —Can't Believe People Can't Figure This Out

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