I'm trying, for fuck's sakes!


Can someone explain to me why in the fuck fat people get so much goddamn flak from everyone at the gym? YES I know, I am a fat person (and, according to you dicks, don't deserve tolerance or respect in this world), but I'm already at the fucking gym, what more do you want? Everybody seems to be so concerned about my (and every other fat person's) well-being and impact on the health-care system (WTF, BTW), constantly telling us to “just get off the couch,” but then when we do that, you're still an asshole about it Super! 

I know how much you all hate fat people—I hear it every goddamn day.  But then I try to do something good and go to the gym and all I get is those idiotic point-and-laugh bros or the super original “don't break the machine…ahaha…” What is your fucking goal here? Cause if you're trying to rid the world of fat people, you're doing a horrible job.

I've given up on hoping that the world will accept fat people as regular humans, but PLEASE, at least let us try to do something good for our bodies, and stop being such asshats, people. —Angry Fat Person Trying To Be A (Less) Angry Thin Person

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