Failing the ones who need it the most


Like honestly folks, here's the elephant in the room: Our lovely home feels the need to dump endless amounts of cashola into needless crap (ahem, it's a good percentage of YOUR paycheque) like stadiums, signage for BS smoking spots and so forth. Have we totally forgotten or are just most of us unaware of the ridiculous amounts of unknown suicides related to mental health issues? And no, I'm not talking about depression and anxiety. Yes, I'm well aware these people suffer but so do 99% of the general public. I'm more so talking about severe, life-long conditions such as psychosis-related issues, personality disorders and so forth.
I'm not well versed in rocket appliances and I'm nowhere near a scientologist but I'd be willing to bet the back 40 on the fact that some of the homeless in the HRM suffer from some sort of mental illness. They are out there with little to no help. Hell, me being one of them, I cannot even get into therapy or get the support I need. There's guys out there that have cut their own fingers off being careless that receive crazy disability tax benefits and I'm trying to rob Joey to pay Ryan to get some Alpo so I'm not hungry. Like come on here, we have to all take a sit down and stop brushing off this huge issue. Almost all mental illnesses are treatable. And I'm not talking about pills galore. Proper nutrition, hydration, excercise and good therapy. Let's take some of our public funds and help our fellow person. Look at it as a long term investment. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that my two cents for today. Or should I say five cents. We have to round up now apparently.
—A dude with a dog


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