Speaking of abuse


To the woman that pulled over your black minivan at the bus stop at the corner of Dunbrack and Main streets one morning this weekend to get out, open the hatchback and beat your dog: Shame on you!
You are lucky I am not of the generation that has the reflex to pull out a phone and videotape, because that poor pup would be taken away from you! As for your excuse, "I'm just punishing him for getting into something he shouldn't be", then don't put stuff he shouldn't have near him! As for, "It's only what his mother would do", NO! His mother would grab his scruff and give a shake, NOT hit him several times, so hard that I could hear the smacks across four lanes. How ironic that a mother dog, aka bitch, punishing its pup, is more humane than you. It's probably a good thing that I froze in anger and yelled at you, otherwise I'd be standing in front of a judge with an assault charge—and I would NOT be apologizing!
—Angry old bitch

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