I thought paying five bucks for a cup of coffee in NYC was bad, until I came to your neighbourhood where they serve a $12 grilled cheese sandwich. No, I didn't order one as I'm over the age of ten—this was a special advertised outside of the eatery. You want $12 for two pieces of buttered Wonderbread and a slice of processed cheese? Seriously? I could buy a whole loaf of bread, a pack of cheese slices and a tub of butter for that! It is no surprise that a few weeks later there is a sign on the front door of said eatery that says, "We will be closing our shop soon". No kidding! Same goes for the hipster coffee shops that charge you eight bucks for an egg sandwich! I could get a big bagel sandwich with egg, sausage and cheese with a hashbrown and an extra large coffee for that price elsewhere. These shop owners need to get their head out the clouds. This ain't Hollywood or NYC! Don't even get me started on the used clothing consignment shops! 100 bucks for a pair of strangers' old stinky shoes? This is getting ridiculous. This isn't downtown. Lower your prices or go under!
—Home brew & garage croissants

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