Driver's ed


Nova Scotia, I'm quite fond of you, but we need to talk about your driving habits.

Let's start with the tailgating. You should always keep at least a two-second following distance in the best circumstances, more in adverse circumstances. Some adverse circumstances are environmental (like bad weather or fog), some are mechanical (like balding tires, older brakes, larger and heavier vehicles that take longer to come to a stop), and some are driver related (you are tired, prone to road rage, impaired due to substances or age, inexperienced, over-confident, distracted by a phone, distracted by having a lot of other stuff going on in your life, whatever). Now, I know that you know how to tell distances in terms of time— know you can deal with "it's a 15 minute drive from here", for example. And I know you can count "one one hundred two one hundred" to estimate how long two seconds is. So put them together: Choose a point along the side of the road to count out the time between when the car ahead of you passes it and when you pass it, to check that you have a safe following distance. And stop tailgating.

Yeah, inevitable dude in an expensive black car (or the occasional dark blue station wagon) who NEEDS to go at least 20 over the speed limit getting on to the 102 outbound on Monday mornings, this applies to you too. You may be an exception ass, but the rules of the road and the rules of physics still apply to you.
—If you're that impatient even with me going 10 over, maybe you have a problem

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