Holy fuck, Halifax, learn to read!


If a business puts a sign on their door that isn't a promotional poster of some kind, chances are they're trying to let you know something that will affect your shopping experience. For example, when a fast food restaurant has a sign on the door that says "No beef, only chicken and fish", that means they aren't selling beef products. Maybe if you would actually read the sign before placing an order for hamburgers, you wouldn't need to waste everyone's time asking for what isn't available. Seriously, it takes three seconds, less even, to read most notices of this sort. How lazy, unobservant, or just fucking stupid are you to not be able to see the note, read the note, and either fuck off or change your plans accordingly? I know fewer people read for pleasure than in the past, but come on. How hard is it to read 10 words meant to inform you? Smarten up Halifax!
—Sometimes I feel like the only literate person in this damn city

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