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I was signed up against my better will at my university campus a little over a week ago. I'm a low income student (attending university through a program through the Department of Community Services) and thought that a membership to the grocery store, if shared with my four roommates, could be appropriate. I was reassured to I could cancel at anytime.

By the end of the same day that I had signed up for it, I regretted the decision as I live welfare check to welfare check. So, I went to the location to cancel. The store representative was manipulative—but understandably so, and I ended up leaving without making a purchase or canceling the membership. My roommates didn't want to chip in so I went back a couple days later to try cancelling again.

The representative I spoke with to cancel the membership was extremely unprofessional in processing my request. They open-mouth chewed gum (in a cocky manner) as they told me I was making a mistake and I would be back. He went as far to laugh at me for wanting to cancel my membership. He then tried to convince me of all the benefits that a membership includes, which I was aware of but needed to cancel my membership regardless due to financial reasons. When this tactic didn't work for him, he then proceeded to laugh at me again for canceling so early and reiterated that I would regret my decision and he would laugh about it when I came back in the future to get a membership.

This was a low-brow, unprofessional tactic for membership retention that made me feel very uncomfortable.

He then brought up my family out of province, telling me how I could send them things in the mail via their website, and when I informed him that I don't engage in post interactions with my family he commented that I should, not knowing anything about my family life or financial situation.

All of the previous tactics were unprofessional and I wanted to leave but we had to wait for a supervisor/manager to come finalize the cancelation.

It was at this point that I had the most uncomfortable exchange of my entire experience: In a final effort to get me to stay he specifically commented on my body size and told me if I started working out I could get my protein powder at the store. I felt disgusting that this employee felt they had the right to talk to me about my physical appearance and health in an effort to get me to stay a member. I really felt violated and simply wanted to leave.

After the lengthy process, my account was finally closed and I was reimbursed. Upon departure the employee once again told me how funny it is that I'm leaving after being a member of such a short time and I would be back. Based on the harassment, humiliation, judgement and commentary on my physical appearance at the hands of employees, I will never spend money to be a member at this tire fire of a place.
—Harassed me to stay

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