Shove your shitty job up your arse!


So, the temp agency called me the other day about a job opening. In order to apply, I had to complete a personality test and a cognitive test (in addition to rigorous testing done at the agency at the time I signed up). Then, I go to the interview where I answered three pages of questions (front and back). All this for a two-month temp job with shit pay. I thought I did really well at the interview. I thought, 'This job is in the bag!'
Nope! The agency emailed and said I didn't get the job. All that crap I had to go through, plus expenses of a new suit, gas money to get there. All for nothing! Why is it so hard to get a decent job in this town these days? If you apply for government jobs, you basically have to recreate your whole entire resume on their site. It takes three hours just to apply to one job! Stop this nonsense. Provide an email address so people can send you their already created resumes! Quit wasting people's precous time! Stop interviewing fuckloads of people for a short term shitty position, when any joe blow could do that job with one hand tied behind his back. Stop sending people on wild goose chases if you don't intend to hire them! I just wasted a lot of my time on your bullshit job and got my hopes up for nothing. Thanks assholes!
—Robbing peter


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