Gloved, masked, gowned, and contagious


Just so you all know, health care employees do not get enough sick days. Yeah, I know there are lots of people who get none at all (which royally sucks, and this should be changed immediately... different Bitch). However, I'm around germy people with questionable hygiene practices EVERY DAMN DAY, and even with thorough practice of universal precautions, those germs sometimes take my immune system hostage. So I'm sick as a dog, out of sick days, and dragging my sorry ass to work to wipe up other people's snot (and other body fluids), wearing a mask and gloves, and dousing myself in sanitizer at every opportunity to keep my germs from spreading. I should be in bed, but contrary to popular belief, not all health care workers earn the big bucks, affording them the luxury of staying home without pay. I sincerely hope your immunocompromised granny doesn't catch what I've got, but my employer expects me here since I've already used up my allowance of sick days.
—Sick and whiny


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