HFX Transit: Fuck the environment, I don't know how to do my job


With all this talk of carbon pricing and people offering public transit as a way to fight climate change: Apparently not our flakey HFX transit! A big bold lie from the www.halifax.ca website is: The Departures Line provides real time bus departure information. I guess they don't understand 'real time'. I have never heard it tell me that a bus is late, it mostly the 'scheduled' time. Last fall, the buses were taken off the streets at 4pm on a friday because of stormy weather. Yet the Departures Line was still lying to me with the regular scheduled times. What is wrong with Halifax Transit? The mayor was recently begging the PM for more money for Halifax's transit. But what did they do with the millions that were given them for the real time system? Did they spend it on tires? If the drivers followed the computer system on the bus, they wouldn't be early for a stop! There's no reason to be early. If HFX transit knew how to use the software, the number 81 would never be right behind the number 80, like it always is. It's pretty simple for a computer: The 80 and 81 run every 30 minutes. So logically, the buses would be 15 minutes apart! Especially on Sunday schedule, where you have buses that run on an hourly program. Up in Clayton Park, the two main hourly buses would pass every 30 minutes.
In practice, it's not even close. Sometimes, they arrive a minute after the other. If there's no way to track how many people take the buses, using a counter on each bus, then how can they measure the miserable job they're doing? I guess without a counter, they can feign ignorance. It's time to write to the people that can make a difference: The government official in the environment depts. Would Margaret Miller understand the situation? Let's tell the PM that the carbon pricing is pointless in NS, because no matter what we do to protect the environment, HFX Transit is fucking up our efforts.
—Saving for a monster truck

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