Toughie townie trash


Since moving to downtown Dartmouth, I sure don't find the people to be very friendly here. One day, while walking home, I noticed a man slumped over a wall in front of the drugstore. I wondered if he was okay and looked back to check. My concern was met with an irate woman who was standing a few feet away. She started yelling at me, calling me a "fat bitch" for "checking out her man".

"Why would anyone be trying to pick up someone who looks half dead on the sidewalk, unless it was to get him medical attention?" I replied. "Nobody is interested in your man. Relax." But she kept screaming, even calling me a "faggot" in her utter rage. I guess you're insecure and so that's why you felt the need to insult another woman's body.

Then, I go to get on an elevator in a building in the neighbourhood and I notice there's already a guy inside. He's busy texting on his cell phone. I walk on the elevator. He looks up and says, "after you, white man" before walking off. I reply, "I am a native woman".

No wonder citizens don't stop to help other citizens anymore. If you fall on the ice in winter, don't be surprised when no one stops to help you up. You never know if someone is going to appreciate it, or if they're going to go ballistic on you for no reason! You just can risk engaging with anyone anymore. There are just too many junkies, antisocials and psychos in this town. Just know that I will defend myself against these verbal attacks every chance I get and will defend myself against physical ones as well with a swift take-down maneuver.
—Don't fuck with me

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