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So, I'm searching medical web sites for my symptoms to try to ease my worries. Lots of people have written in to share their opinions and symptoms. But, there is always the majority of annoying people who have to repeat the obvious: "Go see your doctor". Fuck off, will you? Does every second person really need to say this? We all know we should go see our doctor—duh! We most likely will. But for now, we want to look some shit up and see if it's something we should freak out about or if it's something we can deal with on our own.

People don't need you to tell us to see the doctor. The waiting rooms are all full. Maybe we don't want to waste half the day on every whim? We are grown adults. Every second comment on these sites is a broken record. "Go see your doctor!" "Go see your doctor!" "Go see your doctor!" God, you people are fucking annoying as hell. Either contribute to the conversation in a helpful way or fuck off with your two-cents drivel.
—Guess I'll go to the doctor

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