Stop [Taxis] in the name of innovation [Uber], before I'm late again


Allow me to start by saying that (for the most part) the cab drivers I've interacted with have been nice people to talk to, and seemingly good hard-working people. I have (for the most part) nothing against the people who work as cab drivers. (Exception to the cab drivers who have sexually assaulted or harassed women, men and non-binary friends— not cool and you suck.)

Where my issue lies is that the taxi business is a protected economy which never made sense to me, because they generally have crappy service. It's not uncommon that I have to wait 20 minutes and it's not uncommon that the taxi driver takes me on a long scenic route.

As I wait for the cab, I watch all of the cars going in the same direction I need to be going, and it's not lost on me that if HRM had Uber or Lyft then any one of those cars who passed me could have earned $10 from me and we both would've been on time and satisfied.

Where I get really cranky about this is that the city protects the interests of the business rather than the interests of its people.

There are better solutions and better business models than taxis out there that address these issues so that they are less of an issue. So I don't feel like it's unfair to expect better. I mean, adapt or die right? What are your thoughts? Am I missing something?
—Don't want to buy a car, but don't want to always be late


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