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Friday, January 31, 2020

Shitholes, slumlords and sickos, oh my!

Posted By on Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 9:23 AM

Apartment hunting in this city is a mess! Reading ads on Kijiji, you can't even rent a room in this city for under 600 bucks. Now these landlords are getting real choosy. Ads say, "students only," "girls only," etc.  Sounds like a bunch of perverts. Why does it have to be a student? Students can't even afford the rent. How about renting to the first paying customer? Why does it have to be a girl? One ad said "No overnight guests allowed." Who the fuck do these landlords think they are?  If someone hands you over the better part of a thousand dollars every month for rent, what makes you think you can tell them what to do in the home they pay to rent?  No overnight guests? So the female, student tenant must also be single and available for you too, eh? — Reading Between The Lines
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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Watch out for that spider!

Posted By on Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 4:11 PM


New dude on the scene got you interested? Seems to always be flirting with you without really saying anything? Got a sob story about why he's here that seems too good to be true? Yeah, it is. Get the back story. His gender politics are shit, he's really hurt a lot of people and just moves on. (PS - He doesn't even wanna fuck you. He just wants to make sure his garden gets watered.) — The Last Fly

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Big scary flurries

Posted By on Sat, Jan 18, 2020 at 9:11 AM


Why in the fuck are all the liquor stores closed just because there are a few inches of snow down!? We live in Nova Scotia. Why are you so surprised that it snows here? All the buses are running and most of the other stores in the city are open. WTF is your problem, NSLC? There's no reason your employees can't take a bus to work if they don't want to drive on the roads. I walked all the way to the liquor store to find a dark store and locked door. Some other customers who were waiting said they heard the store was opening at 11 instead, so I waited an hour, but the store was still locked up tighter than a fart. So I walk all the way home. Their twitter account said their HRM stores would open by 2 pm. I wait until then, now their fucking twitter says 3 pm. Make up your damn minds! Are you open or closed? Pick a time and commit, you poison peddlers. I've fucking had enough! I'm calling it a day and going to bed.  This day is trashed. I think this is the year I'm going to quit drinking from your devil's cup.
You Bastards Lost A Customer

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Friday, December 20, 2019

Puppy dog–eyed poet proves poopy partner

Posted By on Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 10:10 AM

She knew from the start. She said that something about him made her uneasy, like she wasn't really wanted. His words said one thing, but his actions or lack thereof said quite another. But all the nice little things made her overlook the warning signs. He never asked her to be his therapist, but like many women we've been socialized to want to "save" these poor, hurt, brooding men who "have a lot of potential" if they could just get their shit together. He never mooched or leeched, was never abusive, but their dynamic was toxic and codependent. She gave more than she had to give, and should have been able to see that he couldn't be what she needed him to be.

This very good-looking man needs to grow up a lot and become a hell of a lot more accountable, or else he will continue to hurt people in this community with his casual carelessness. We all have our shit. The longer you don't deal with yours, the more it hurts those around you, whether you realize it or not. She should have ended it ages ago. She is hurting a lot and wants him to get better even though it's over, but she needs to want HERSELF to get better even more.

She can do SO MUCH BETTER. SHE IS AMAZING AND WORTHY OF SOMEONE WHO IS CRAZY ABOUT HER, not someone who sees her as just casual and convenient.
—On Behalf of An Incredible Woman Who Is Worthy of Love

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Friday, December 13, 2019

More Halifax driver fury

Posted By on Fri, Dec 13, 2019 at 12:51 PM

It must’ve been hilarious to almost hit me with your car and watch me jump back because you weren't looking. It's really too bad you didn't take up my offer when I asked you to get out of your car right then, or even the second time when you pulled up on me trying to scare me. Nah homie, get out of the car—I'm not fucking playing. You think it's funny to almost take someone's life? Let's laugh together next time. This isn't the first time, either. This happens daily and now I'm on a warpath for Halifax drivers who don't think they need to pay attention to pedestrians.
—Come Find Out
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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Phone Zombie!

Posted By on Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 12:33 PM

Phone Zombie! Yes, you there, walking down the street staring at your phone! You are a hazard to navigation! Perhaps you are even performing wreckless endangerment by dashing into the street without looking? Yes, it's true Phone Zombie, humans cannot walk past a mirror, window or TV screen without looking, even if it's CNN. But it is also true that each of us is part of nature.

Phone Zombie, somehow billions of cells are working within us and somehow working together—and hopefully for the long haul—if you are lucky. But Phone Zombie, in life there are no receipts, no guarantees, warranties or user manuals. Why? Because we simply do not know how to build a human. And we have no idea how it or the universe works. Some call it a miracle.

Phone Zombie, a disconnect from nature is a disconnect with reality. And you, like it or not, are nature. Phone Zombie, staring at a phone or any screen is unnatural behavior, especially in public. Some might consider it rude.

So Phone Zombie, I'm afraid you not only look like a fool but you are promoting a disconnect with nature. Please Phone Zombie, put the phone down, look around and enjoy the natural world. After all, this is Halifax where the water may be cold but the people are warm. You are free here. Free to say hi to old friends and make new ones—even when walking down the street.

You are missing out, Phone Zombie. And at the same time you are diminishing how essential the natural world is.
—The Illinois Enema Bandit
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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Alcholic lady

Posted By on Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 5:43 PM

To the lady who was drinking a blueberry soda with 6% alchol in it heres a message straight to your face GO TO THE BARS AND DRINK YOUR ALCHOL THERE STOP DRINKING IN A "certin"store i work in i know your that same stupit lady who drinks wine i know you have a drinking problem i know EXCITLE who you are and what you look like your tall got long hair and you always smell like alchol for fuck sake stop bringing and sneaking your fucken alchole in to a certin store go to the bars and drink there and stay there for good you alchol bitch ill be checking all the garbages to see where your alchol can is so again GO TO THE FUCKEN BARS AND KEEP YOUR ALCHOL PROBLEM THAT YOU HAVE AND STAY THERE FOR GOOD! never come back to a "certin" store again!!!!
—I Still Know Who You Are Dont Make Me Have To Tell You Twice!
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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Liquor and weed and cigs

Posted By on Sun, Nov 3, 2019 at 3:55 PM

The only liquor store near me is this little boutique version that is never open on Sundays and closes at 6pm. What a pain in the ass. Every time I wanna buy some drinks, it's closed! WHY can't it be open seven days a week until 10pm like the rest, and on Sundays? Having to walk all the way to the NSLC's store in the fucking dark isn't my idea of a fun night.

Secondly, why are weed, booze and cigs so damn expensive these days? You work your guts out all week just to afford to have fun for ONE day only. Fucking bullshit!
—Champagne Taste
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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Can't even hear my own music!

Posted By on Wed, Oct 2, 2019 at 9:45 AM

I wanted to take a moment out of my busy schedule to lambast the food truck that has been acoustically assaulting me these past few weeks. All the food trucks I have encountered around the HRM are for the most part nice and quiet, yet you folks feel the need to drag around a small but boisterous power generator. Clearly this is not a common standard among the fleet of mobile gourmands that grace our streets and parking lots. I can’t imagine anyone patronizing you without the use of a megaphone to place their order or, at the very least, cue cards. Take a page from the book of the food truck masters who have been around since the 1970s and silence that little generator once and for all!
—Concerned Headphone User
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Monday, December 17, 2018

Stores listing on Kijiji

Posted By on Mon, Dec 17, 2018 at 5:00 PM

I'm checking out things on Kijiji and all I keep seeing are pages and pages of overpriced listings from stores dominating the listings. If I wanted to pay store prices, I would go to a fucking store. I'm trying to find private sellers letting stuff go for cheap. Why does every good get ruined by corporate greed? Fuck off business, Kijiji is for private advertisers. Stop ruining everything, you greedy bastards!
—Get off Kijiji!
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"SAD" mother

Posted on Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 4:00 AM

Dear Mr. Judgemental:

Today you shook your head and scoffed at me for being "SAD". I can only infer that you shouted over that I was "SAD" not once,but twice because you took issue with my daughter busking on the waterfront. Perhaps, Sir, you could have at least paused to read her sign as she played tunes for passers by, or ask why she was busking. I didn't appreciate the implication that I might be forcing my child into servitude or taking the money she earns as she plays tunes in hopes that those who appreciate her efforts toss a coin in her case. If you had bothered to slow down and look at her sign and or stop and ask, you may have learned that SHE asked to busk this summer as a way to save towards her goal of going on a trip to Korea with her friends, TKD master and fellow take kwon do practitioners where she hopes to test for her black belt at The Kukkiwon ( Worls TKD Headquarters). You may have learned that today was her 14 th time busking out of the whole summer and that the rest of the summer she enjoyed dance camp, violin camp and musical theatre camp in addition to play dates, swimming, and visiting her grandparents in PEI. You may have learned that. We typically busk a little, have snacks, eat a picnic lunch, play and I buy her an ice cream ( from my money, not her earnings) in the 2 hours that we are at a location and that seldom bucks for more than 60-70 minutes. for what is "SAD"... Sad is that her father took off with a coworker. Sad is that I had to chase after him to get a divorce after he did so for 7 years. Sad is that he spent a fair amount of time hiding and shirking from child support. Sad is that though he has a little contact now, she has only seen him once as an infant and once that she can remember in her whole life. Sad is that he would not, when asked, contribute $20/month towards her music lessons and refused to contribute towards a dance camp because he, quote, " doesn't believe in it". Sad is that when the marriage dissolved, I moved home for support ( physical support as at that time I needed a hip replace,net and could not look after my daughter without help from family). Sad is that in so doing, I left a permanent teaching position in Ontario. Sad is that it has been difficult to get a permanent contract since moving home to Halifax but hey, at least she has her grandparents and uncle and cousins here. All that aside,back to you, and if you'd stopped to ask before making a judgement. You may have learned how proud of my daughter for thinking of a way that she can help while I work with the other parents from our club in fundraising events and initiatives. I am proud of my daughter because she is playing a part in reaching her own goals. I am proud that she is developing a "can do" attitude. I am proud that she is learning poise, perseverance and performance skills. I am proud that she is learning about how to meet and converse with tourists and be a part of the Maritime hospitality we are known for. I am pleased that she helps me roll her coins and comes with me to make every deposit into HER own account that she opened ( with Moses at CIBC). I'm pleased that she has made a lot of people smile with her efforts and that thus far, you have been the only curmudgeon who disparaged me or her by undertaking this fundraising endeavour. I wish what you said today didn't bother me as much as it does. I need to develop a thicker skin when jerks like you go off about something they know little about. Last but not least( my apologies for such a long post, LTWWBers)I HAVE to say thank you to all those who have been so sweet, kind and supportive of my girl. There are some sweet folks who have come to know us and stop by to say hi, some who have been so kind as to say they miss her on days ( or weeks) when she does not busk, those who applaud her playing and encourage her to continue her music education. Yesterday there was a crowd of 15 + people who stood around her watching, clapping along, dancing and because she loves an audience, that made her day. Mr. Judgmental, take a page out f that playbook....maybe stop, listen and throw a smile towards a kid the next time you scoff at their busking and give their mom a hard time. —Bluebelle

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Friday, July 15, 2016

I'm feeling snarky today

Posted on Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 4:00 AM

Excuse me? Did you just tell me “You have a nice personality, too bad that you can't do something about that ass?” Am I supposed to thank you or cuss at you? Maybe next time, I'll do both by saying “Thank you. You have a nice ass. Too bad that you can't do something about your personality.” —My Ass is Just an Ass, You Ass
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Posted on Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 4:00 AM

Hey you with your orange security t-shirt and red pick up truck. My son and I went to the parking lot of the Park on Saturday because he wanted to show me how well he could handle a car (like any young guy hyped about getting his license). I thought the grounds to this place was public and that it would be alright to let him strut his stuff in the empty parking lot for a few minutes. There was no one in the near vicinity, except way over at the other end. Nothing appeared to be happening in the venue. After a full 3 minutes of driving and a few donuts we were ready to leave. You came racing over to us and parked behind us. I guess you thought this would make it impossible for us to 'escape'. You then proceeded to shout at us, and tell me I was just a show off ???. Then you said it was private property. I tried to say that we did not know it was private property and that we were just leaving. You kept on railing and then called me an a**hole several times in front of my son. Well I can be an unprofessional moron with the best of them; so back at you. Oh, and, Happy belated or is it bregruding Father's Day to your father, a**hole. —Cranky_Dad
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Corner Store Crook

Posted on Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 4:00 AM

Yes, I am aware that when one shops at a convenience store they are paying for convenience. And of course, I had the option NOT to buy the things I bought. So with all that said, here's my gripe: you are charging over 3 dollars for a 2L of BigHate pop. That junk is like .99 or something at Sobey's and goes on sale for .49 ... how the hell did you arrive at that price? Yes, commenters, I will buy my products elsewhere so save your time typing out the obvious. I just think 3+ dollars for the worlds crummiest pop is crazy and this is just one example over the over-pricing at this location. Also you can go in and say "five dollars worth of pepperoni please" and receive a different amount of pepperoni each time. I stopped buying it for this reason and also because the shopkeepers disappear into some crowded, mysterious, back room to get it. Grodie. —Ugly Kid
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Migraine Murder

Posted on Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 4:00 AM

I grew up in Halifax and always loved the Saturday market at the brewery. After six years of living away I have moved back. I was really looking forward to shopping at the market again but after making a stop there this past Saturday I have decided I will likely not go back. What the fuck is with all the "musicians" hanging around in the hallways screaming like alley cats in heat? I appreciate music while I shop, but I don't appreciate migraine inducing noise. I would've rather stuck a hot curling iron in my ear and opened it. Some of these "musicians" should take their hobby elsewhere (hopefully somewhere far away, like the desert) and let people shop without having to pop a fucking advil —Saul
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