Dear Halifax,
You are the city for me. Although I am three provinces away from you, I adore you and the province you live in. I love your ocean and salty air. I love your independent stores and shows and the unique Maritime greetings. I love your known strangers on Spring Garden and your casual street performers on Quinpool. I love the open fields in the middle of the city, right next to that ginormous hill, we like to call the Citadel. Thank you to leaving up old High Schools, so that when I come back I can have even more memories to to remember. Thank you for your tiny streets and one ways that make downtown confusing and making everything that much more exciting. I can't thank you even more for having lovely people to come back home too, with that familiar easy going Maritimer love. I even love your never on time bus routes. Thank you for being so friendly and laid back and familiar. I miss you, East Coast....

See you for some Christmas Lovin'.

---Not so cosy in the big T.O.

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