My girl

You're away for maybe one more month, possibly 7 weeks... I've been in a mini mid-life crisis at times, over my career not being what I want it to be, and getting over pneumonia and the way my body always hurts, even on a good day.

I pick up my phone to check and the red light is flashing. There's a text from you on Blackberry Messenger. One sentence and you make my fears and sadness recede. You have a way of making me feel better, and you say I do the same for you.

I'm in no hurry, but shit - I want to move in with you sometime in the fall and see where we can take this. There's nothing I want more than to go to sleep every night with you in my arms, and wake up to you, warm and beautiful in the morning. We did it for a few months before you went away in February, and I even stayed at your house for the 3 or so weeks before you left. It was so easy to share space with you, and your kitty. I want to make a family with you, starting with me, you, and kitty. See where we go from there.

When you came through the door in Cairo, after a few months apart, you fit right back into the space you live in my heart. I can feel you here now.

Getting to Skype you every day has made this adventure very doable. We're getting to know each other in ways people usually don't do, by not being in physical contact every day. Skyping makes it so much easier being apart, but when you get back to me, and I pick you up at the airport, I'm not letting go of you again.

I fucking love you. —Wheels

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