Green eyes at the grocery store

Wow, I was having a rough day yesterday. Staring down my third 12 hour night shift in a row, biking there (to Burnside from the south end, which I actually love) and generally feeling tired as hell.

So it was like 6 in the evening and on my way to work I go the grocery store for a few munchables to accompany the graveyard shift. Standing in line wearing my funny looking bike gear; you cue up after me. Sorry if I stared for a second, I think I smiled like a goof too. Its just your eyes are so incredible.

Anyway, I paid and went out to unlock my bike and be on my way. You left the store just then. I pulled away, but (and I never do this) I felt compelled to say hello. I pulled a u'ey and came back. You were super cool when I said hello and even accepted my compliment about your beautiful eyes.

It may seem like a small thing, but it made my day and I scarcely felt tired after that. Something about that brief hello made me glad to be alive.

Wish I had had more time to talk to you, had you wanted (also would wish to not have been wearing funny looking bike gear).

If you see me again (and actually remember my funny lookin ass) say hello. —Blue eyed biker boy

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