Magic Mountain Mom

This is for the mother of the four and six-year-old children at Magic Mountain who just a few Saturdays ago was subjected to the misfortune of having to explain to her young children the meaning of my rather vulgar (but rather hilarious) sunbathing result.

I apologize for offending your family. I can only hope that you explained to your children my original intention; that while the word alone may not be very nice, the context of the overall message was one of general positivity and great enthusiasm, something sorely lacking within our older demographics.

Appreciation goes out to you, the mothers, fathers and guardians who do their damnedest to shield their loves from all life's sharp edges and unpleasant things they will eventually learn on their own or have to face head-on, with the hope that the end result is an emotionally mature adult who doesn't resort to anonymous threats of violence or discrimination based on one's complexion or choice of dress.

I however apologize for the public appearance, and am particularly glad you didn't see the original, in all it's glory, painted in black and hurtling down Spring Garden and Barrington, on a bike, in a sea of other naked cyclists, because that probably would've been really, really hard to explain to your kids.

In conclusion, sorry for ruffling your feathers and I hope the Lazy River treated you good. —ifuckinlovemagicmountain

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