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I had been having a rotten day. I got stuck in the elevator at work for 15 minutes. I sat down on the floor and it was lurching very subtly up and down. The morning sickness I've been experiencing was made worse by this.

Finally the doors opened and I resumed my day, feeling shaky and nauseated but glad to be going on with my day. I decided to splurge on a taxi home so I didn't have to walk in the rainy night to the North end. When we arrived at my home, I asked you to put the light on so I could look for my keys. The light did not produce my keys. The front door of course was locked.

I got back in your taxi and asked you to take me up around the commons to get keys from my roommate. I told you that you should keep the meter on, because I noticed it was off, but you said nothing and kept driving. I picked up my keys and when we arrived back at my house you refused my money. Your act of kindness was very much appreciated! I'm so broke and freaked out about the baby coming... You've restored my faith in the good people of Halifax! —Nauseated with no keys

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