Righting Wrongs is Good Karma

Miss-Take: Sadly, even the awesome power of words cannot undo the harm I’'ve done, or even (I suspect) convince you of my sincerity, but I ask that you believe me when I tell you how truly, profoundly and thoroughly sorry I am and ashamed to have caused you such grief. Not a day goes by when I don’t wish I could go back and change the past for the better. And even though I was young, arrogant and woefully stupid, there is no excuse for the cruel, insensitive and reprehensible way I treated you. I know mere words, regardless of how remorseful or filled with platitudes they are, will not change a thing. So, I cannot ask you to forgive me or even accept my apology, as I am not in a position to ask anything of you. Still, I hope you take some comfort in the fact that my daily life, at its best, is misery, and the guilt I feel tortures me relentlessly. While I know you’'d like nothing better than to see me fired, dead or worse, I want you to know I wish you nothing but happiness, good fortune and success both now and forever more. —E. B.

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