For better or worse?

It's too bad that you're far more in love with the things a person has, rather than who the person is inside. I don't have a lot of money, a good job, more friends, and no college degree, it's a shame you won't love me for me for those reasons. Love me for me and not the things I have. I'd have loved you unconditionally, whether or not you lost your job, or didn't go to college. You're not so easy to love, you have many flaws and problems which I easily look past. They don't turn me off, they make me love you more.

I'm a great woman and I will find a man who will love me for me and love everything about me. For you, it's hard to say. I'm sure you'll have many lovers after me, but none will love you. They won't love you like I love you, because it's really hard to love you. I will miss you entirely. You are my first great love and I wish things could have worked out. I wish you could have opened your mind and not cared so much about materialism. It's too bad I'm so sentimental. —Your loss

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