I miss you!

I know you're all the way over there and I'm all the way over here, but I just want to share how wonderful I think you are. The day I missed class because of three overnight hypo episodes and you ran up to my room pounding on my door, demanding to be let in after a mutual friend told you why I hadn't made it to class and offered to be there anytime I needed you, day and night, is the day I realized just how much I love you. I appreciate all those time you retrieved my spare room key when I locked myself out of my room in only a towel. You cheer me up when I'm down and tell me I'm pretty when I feel ugly. You support me 110% in everything I do and always encourage me to expect nothing but the best in relationships, work, life... you are, without a doubt, a cherished friend, and talking to you today... even if you are all the way over there, made me smile on such a gloomy and disheartening day. You are the best guy friend a girl could ever ask for, and certainly one of the best friends I am proud to say I've ever had. I miss talking about boys in the sun and reading crappy magazines. You always ended up looking like a nice Italian olive, while I ended up as red as a tomato! I miss our mid afternoon naps, our laundry dates, our trips to the grocery store to scout out the "hot cashier", our cooking sessions and how you always did the dishes for me. I miss your adorable face, your larger than life laugh, and your great big hugs, but most of all, I miss YOU. —PK


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