Love the way we love spring

The powdery mountainous snow drifts that broke our backs some weeks ago slowly thaw into dirty ugly little icy monsters, their last stand till their ruthless invasion of next year. Me emerging from my winter cave gleefully hanging the snow shovels up in my shed. The rain washing the black dirty side walks to their beautiful cracked grey state of spring glory. The mercury slowly creeping higher as the first sprouts of spring flowers emerge from the underworld. The first attempt to have a cold crisp beer on the patio only to be whisked inside after a few sips by the still lingering coolness. The herds of beautiful bums dressed in yoga pants trot down the previously desolate pot hole filled streets. The sighting of a patious umbrealanus, ready to spring open catch sun's rays and shade hungry thirsty cruise ship passengers and old friends gossiping about pointless drama. The iron titan gates of the public gardens yearning to creak open for the first time. Ahhh spring you have no idea how much I love you. —WFNVD

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