Thank you for breaking up with me!

I fought the urge to do this as a Bitch for the last 5 days.

Listen, I get it: you weren't completely head-over-heels in love with me after a couple months. I wasn't either. However, the physical relationship was awesome, you told your friends and family about me, bragging what a good guy I was, taking me to meet your best friends, and telling me how much you adored me constantly. You told me no guy had ever treated you like you were beautiful or like you were precious before. And we seemed to really care about each other.

Your answer was to withdraw for the Easter weekend in your apartment and send me an email breaking up with me. You told me how nice I made you feel, and how you adored me but you didn't want to cry when you told me this to my face. When I emailed back, explaining how I felt, I never received a reply.

No one likes to be rejected. And especially, no one likes to be dumped by something as impersonal as email. I didn't see us getting married either, you know, but normal people often date for a while anyway when they really enjoy each others' company, have a great sex life, and care for each other. Maybe you just want some guy to give you a baby. Before you get to that stage with a guy, you need to work out your feelings of negative self worth, that you let guys walk all over you, because a baby isn't going to fix anything, it's going to make it more difficult. Not to mention it's not fair to the guy or the child.

If you find another guy to wants to be with you, but you decide to dump him because an emotionally open and mature relationship scares you off, do him a favour and dump him in person. It will show him a bit of respect and allow some closure for both of you.

The reason this is a love and not a bitch is the day you dumped me I lucked into meeting someone really awesome and we have a date this week. Without you dumping me, I would still be watching you be insecure about the relationship and second guessing everything every week or so. Your insecurity made me feel bad for you, but I thought being there for you with acceptance and love would help you grow out of it and realize you are worth someone loving you. I was really starting to develop feelings for you. But the way you dumped me and refused to acknowledge my feelings gave me closure right away. Good luck dating again. —A Lucky Guy

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