Just Awesomeness

I love my best and longest friend because even when I don't see her for months and months, I still know if I called needing her help, she'd be there in an instant. Ditto to my other friends who tell me I'm hot and awesome when I'm sick in my pooh bear nightie all stuffy, bitchy, sooking and crying over stupid crap on T.V. I appreciate the support.

Thanks to my "baby daddy" who makes raising our son together (but separately) easy, drama free and not awkward. It's such a relief to not have to deal with that shit. Thanks to said man's parents who have to be honestly the best people I know, who treat me with as much respect and love as when we were together and are the parents I never had. The feeling of a family, with the dinners and celebrations and the caring when I'm sick or sad have been so awesome. I know you don't read The Coast, but I only have so many friends and I had to tell the world how freakin awesome you are.

To my son, you won't read this - a printed version won't even exist when you're old enough I'm sure, but I love you to bits. Everytime you learn something new, or be polite to people you've just met, it makes me so happy that at your age you're such a smart gentleman. The world needs more smiles.

My cat, who even when his dish is empty will wait until I brush my teeth in the morning (because he knows I'm up for the day) to start meowing and make sure I fill it.

I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the things I DO have, realized it's more than I thought, then felt the need to share. Everyone reading this, take a second - think- and make a list . I bet you'll be surprised. I was in an awful mood and started thinking positive things to cheer me up. It turned out, I have things to be happy about apparently. —Made Me Happy Enough to Put My Chocolate Away

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