A Good Friend

I have a friend who is one of a kind. My pet guinea pig broke her paw and I had to put her down. I called my friend and we went to the vet hospital to get my pet the medication for her infection. After that is when my pet hurt her paw. I went to a different vet hospital and they treated her there and put my cherished guinea pig, who I loved for seven years, to sleep. I called my friend again and she comforted me, paid the vet bill for me, and bought me lunch. She drove me home. I sent her a thank you card and told her I would repay the vet bill. She insists on not being repaid, despite her act of kindness. I do not know how many people there are in the world that are this kind. It is why I appreciate her as a friend so much. She is genuine and unselfish. I sent this to demonstrate what a great person she is. —Heddy

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