Oh how the years have passed

When I met you, you were perfect. Level, sorted out, good looking, funny, great career. A catch. I didn't care that I just got out a bad relationship and had no business chasing you. But I got what I wanted anyways. Our time together was amazing, and despite all of your heart ache and disbelief, I loved you more then anyone else who has ever graced my life. But you changed. I went from the only desire in your life to, competing for attention with your smart phone. Life is cruel, but while you were busy with twitter, someone, who may not be perfect, was fighting for my heart, and won. I admit I was cruel, and dishonest, but honestly I would have rather lied then try to explain that this " amazing person" who all my friends thought I was hurting, was actually a selfish prick who couldn't get their head out of their ass. I was cruel, and felt bad, but you acted crazy and immature in the end and I was nothing but happy and relived to finally cut you out of my life. 3 years have passed, and you moved on, you are happy. You have a new girl, just bought a new car, new house and you'll probably be married in no time. I would never admit it, I'm too good for that, but I see you often, and I miss you. Those bright eyes, drinking tea on sunny afternoons, hung over scrambled eggs, and your loving, awkward charm. So many warm memories. I don't think any man will ever make me feel home like you did. A thousand feels. —A Small Home Built on Love

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