mother earth, its beautiful creatures, endless sky and galaxy

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thank you oh great cosmic force, for this beautiful world we get to live in, with all the wonders and magical places, the endless oceans and trees to climb. thank you for your nourishment oh great divine, you breathe life and birth new life thank you kind world for the endless divine oh mother nature how i wish to protect you, as you protect us and provide. my dedication is to you and only you, as always you provide. thank you for the beautiful sounds of the waterfalls, rivers, birds and the ocean and the smell of dawn in the bottom of a forrest, the smell of fresh flowers and the smell of a sea breeze. and thank you for the sights of the turning leaves, snowfall so delicate and soft and the endless colours that grace this planet. Thank you for always giving me something to admire, and your endless renewal of this planet always giving birth. thank you kind nature its you i will miss most when time has stopped for me. thank you. —natural beauty that man cannot buy


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