Hop on the bus gus

Up to the moment that I started to ride the bus,
thought Bus Drivers are over paid and made fuss

But now I ride on a daily basis,
I sit, I observe, i listen, I watch peoples faces,

there are psycho's, wacko's weird ones alike,
all with headphones, texting their life

Rudeness, coldness, staring you through,
and that's just the front where I am at eye view,

now consider this folks, for 8 hours if you will
I can't imagine how one's brain would stay real

to a normal person who sees this every day,
to you my bus driver, you have a nice day!

to all you who had a bad day and feel strife
get a grip bitch, in fact get a life

the bus driver is there to get you home
look down and enjoy and text on your phone

now i'm hoping these kind words may help me my way
maybe a free bus pass Metro X what do you say?

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