Watching this man at the Arm is an event alone most days and eveings

Well to my surprise, I hadnt been to the North West Arm, in along time until recently, and had been having my morning coffee.

And couldnt help myself but notice, a man there sitting In a blue-four door vehicle. Please let me tell you about this man, In the blue vehicle!

After, observing this man for over an hour, out comes his camera and a coffee and off he goes, to the end roughly of the Arm, and sits there and watches,and watches, and then off he will go, this man I had never seen this in my entire life, but this amazed me so much I had to just write about this.

This man roughly in his 40`s will get up camera in hand start making some sort of a call ,I think I overheard at least two, or three, but two forsure.

Anyway, when he does these sounds bald eagles show up along with ospreys! Moreover, this man ,will actually talk with these birds, back and forth with them all the while snapping away.

This is just a site I thought I would never fantom seeing in my life.

In addition, the way this man does this, is just amazing!

People, if you want to see a show, please drop by and see this man, actually do this.

Just yesterday, I thought I would go, and see if this same man was there, and yes he was, and this time he started setting up a few of those inflatable boats, and off he went !

Seeing I had a pair of binocolurs I started watching this man, (hope he didnt mind but he is such an interesting man).

Anyway, off he goes, like I was saying and into the ocean he goes, now the best part was he went over to the other side where the sailboats are parked for the summer fun.

And he goes to a certain place, and away he goes with these sounds, and out come two bald eagles (wow) and he just starts talking to them and they come in the tree`s and start talking back to this man? Unbelieveable, to me but hey! This person is something to see Halifax.

I will be heading there more often now, and the next time forsure I`am going to speak with this man.

One last thing here, if you are in the area, I will add a link to this post with the instructions as to where you can find this man.

This park is called the horseshoe island park and this is the link to it using google maps.,-63.61283&z=19&t=h

And if you get a chance, please go down there and have a look for yourself, seeing is believing.

This man will leave you wondering, and seeing how much this man values and loves, our wildlife we currently have in our beautiful province Nova Scotia. I had spoken with another man, who had showed up, awhile after I was there, and had asked him If he had ever noticed this man doing this, or had ever watched him?.

He had said, this was the only reason he comes there Is to really watch this man, and this man Is so involved and so loves bald eagles and the osprey,that he might not even notice you ,when he does these sounds that do attract these birds!. In addition, here I had thought I was alone!

And was also told this man, can be seen there most days, and evenings!

Thank you Sir for showing me how human beings can relate to the wildlife of our world. —Ted

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