Love on the right floor

I am a husky bearded single gay man. I have always believed that you do not mix your business life with your personal life. When it comes to my gaydar, it is as sharp as a super power. I am Caucasian, and I believe you are South Asian. Could my spider senses be malfunctioning due our cultural uniqueness? I would never want to make anyone uncomfortable and would hope my interest in a man who ends up being heterosexual would be taken as a compliment. I believe you have been working on my floor for a different organization for less than a year. I first noticed you this summer when we walked by each other in the hallway. I was instantly drawn to your sweet welcoming smile and your beautiful eyes. My curiosity was peaked and then I kept looking for you. We would bump into each other and exchange pleasant banter, simple hey’s, shy smiles. Then we sat across from each other in the bus and had a brief conversation. Shot through the heart with cupid’s pretty pink arrow I was! From that moment on I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. I long to see you at work every day. I melt each time I steal a brief glimpse of your smile and your sexy walk down the hall. Could you be sharing these feelings? If this was taking place anywhere but our workplace I would come out and tell you how incredibly handsome you are and ask you out on a date. I want to so much. If you read this and you want me to you know where to find me. I will be able to tell by how you look at me ;-) —Big teddy bear calling his cub


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