You save my life...

Oh brown pickup truck hero on the bi-hi one week ago Tuesday. You saved our lives. Me, the dark blonde in a green Hyundai and was merging onto the highway. A normally good driver, I had a moment of very bad judgment, very bad judgment, and made a critical error. You were in my blind spot when i went to merge and at the last second, I saw you expertly swerve into the next lane over just as we nearly collided. I swerved back and then we merged together. All moments before what would have been a fatal collision.

And astoundingly, i gave you a grateful wave of thanks, you smiled and waved back instead of flipping me off like I deserved.

What you didn't know was that in the car with me that day were my best friend and my young niece. You not only bailed out my sorry hide but my precious cargo as well.

Including you, you saved at least four lives that day. Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. And an artist. I wish I had gotten your plate numbers so I could thank you properly. Because that was some fucking heroic driving right there.

Happy holidays friend. I hope they're wonderful! —Alive!

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