Lady in Pink Fur

I was having an average day, minding my business shopping when out of nowhere I heard you behind me, telling me how no one was listening to you and how people walk away from you caught me off-guard and it seemed ironic that you were doing the opposite of what you were complaining definitely had the attention of everyone in the store if that is what you were aiming for.. It was obvious that you were in a fowl mood and that's fine, I respect other people's emotions and the need to express them but at the time I felt there was a certain level of disrespect in your attitude toward everyone else shopping there. I tried to offer you some helpful advice with a smile and was shocked when it was met by a brick wall and an extremely rude and abrupt reply. I was so taken aback by your response as I was only trying to offer you some insight. I was nearly moved to tears by your ignorance. It was only the day before that I was complaining about how so many people close themselves off to new information and are cognitively dissonant, and there you were, the very epitome of my complaints...and the perfect example of how the law of attraction works. You get what you give...meaning... you only ever experience what you are already the energy of. There was a part of me that wanted to show my anger toward you for your ignorance and disrespect but I walked away and realized the futility in responding that way. Anyone who is that rude to complete strangers offering them help is surely suffering deeply within themselves. I was frustrated for not being able to get through to you but I want you to know I never meant to challenge you in any way. Please know that just because I didn't agree and join you in your complaints doesn't mean I was trying to be rude toward you. I see things from a different perspective than most and I always try to shed light anywhere I can. Well, it seemed to fail me that day and I left the store feeling very overwhelmed and frustrated by such a seemingly petty interaction. Please know that I only wish you well and I hope you are able to release the heavy dense energies you've been carrying around. Anytime I meet someone who is lost in complaint and victim identity I want to tell them all about physics and that that stuff really doesn't matter and everything is amazing once you take off the negative filters. Really :) I bought myself bright pink flowers later that day to cheer myself up and it made me smile afterward because I realized they matched your ensemble perfectly and it reminded me of the importance of not falling into the ego-trap of responding negatively to negative behavior. I truly hope you are able to find some relief and perhaps a new perspective...not everyone is an enemy despite how things may appear on the surface. I hope you have a lovely holiday season and I wish you peace, love, light and clarity of being <3

ps..CHIA seeds are not "junk food" and they would help you more than any supplement ever will. —rose-colored glasses

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