I love burning Gasoline

There's nothing more fun than burning gasoline in an internal combustion engine. Actually, the faster one burns gas the more fun one will have. My immediate goal in life is to upgrade from a 600cc ultra fast sport bike to a hyper fast 1000 cc sport bike. Both are delightfully loud and thrilling at full lean.

Also, I MUST install a supercharger on my European Sports Car. 360 horsepower only brings a top speed of around 265 kph and I'm really not getting there quick enough anyway. I mean, 300 is attainable, the 100 series highways are decent enough to be reasonably assured that I won't go sliding into the next lane too often (oops! sorry to the family in the minivan last summer, bet you're still talking about that one ,eh? ) and I'm pretty sure that the exhaust pitch will go up a full tone at redline.

Also, I know this may raise concerns about road safety but I have the ultimate in riding gear (and helmet) for my bike and have installed a five point harness in the car. I'll be okay as long as any accident isn't a direct head on so you can all ease your minds a bit. — I cover my license plates at night and there's not a cop who can catch me.

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